American Heart Association’s Chain of Survival:

  • Immediate Recognition
  • Immediate 911 Call
  • Early CPR
  • Rapid Defibrillation
  • Effective Advanced Life Support
  • Integrated post-cardiac arrest care

Michigan Schools CPR/AED Drill Weeks is a voluntary, grassroots effort to promote the importance of school cardiac emergency response plans and protocols involving a potential sudden cardiac arrest thereby improving school safety, heightening AED/CPR Awareness, and helping to save lives.

Michigan Schools CPR/AED Drill Weeks help encourage schools to conduct Cardiac Emergency Response Drill(s) during the designated weeks. It also gives administrators an opportunity to improve their plan before an actual emergency arises.

Please consider contacting your CPR/AED instructor, Fire & EMS responders, Local Hospital Community Relations personnel, or HeartAED 800-228-3343 ext. 232 for help. These events provide a great opportunity for school and community relations and serve as a benchmark for continued practice and training throughout the school year.

Most importantly, an Cardiac Emergency Response Drill improves the chances of saving the lives of students, staff, administrators, and school visitors who may suffer sudden cardiac arrest.

For information regarding making your school MI HEARTSafe visit or contact us at 800-228-3343 ext. 232